Colin Interview

Colin’s yard has a large pool deck with a tiki bar, outdoor kitchen, pool and spa, elevated over the rest of the yard, down below this area there is a koi pond and a dining area. There are nozzles along the fence near the dining area and koi pond, from there we placed risers in the tall bushes going back into the swamp area behind the house. Trees have some nozzles up on them to get the mist spread further due to the elevation, along the edge of the pool deck, in the bushes, we have placed risers to create more of a barrier to protect against mosquitos and other pests. The nozzles out in the swamp area are the first line of defense against the mosquitos, placed out in the bushes to spread the mist and push the insects away from the bushes they could otherwise call home. For this property, due to the presence of a koi pond, ducks and chickens, the system is spraying cedarwood oil as to not hurt the fish that are in the koi pond.