Dearborn Interview

The Dearborn’s have their yard near a pond though they are not right on top of the water. They have a fenced in perimeter situated close to their pool deck and back porch area upon which the mosquito misting system nozzles are situated to create a perimeter spray that keeps the mosquitos and pests away. The nozzles are far enough away from the pool deck to keep from spraying directly onto anyone enjoying the pool deck. Upon the walls of the patio area, there are two fans with cool misting nozzles to help cool down the grilling area and the sitting area under the shade. The mist from the cool misting system is sent through at a high pressure making a much more fine mist that doesn’t soak someone with the water pushed through the system. The cool mist combined with the fans they are attached to help make the air cool off and making the area much more pleasant to be in on those hot summer days.