Josh Interview

Josh’s backyard is on a lake with garden areas taking up large sections of the yard space, the perfect nesting areas for mosquitos and other small insect pests. For this yard, instead of putting everything up on a fence, we put our line under the ground and used risers to facilitate the spraying of the chemical, in this case, cedarwood oil. The risers are placed all throughout the bushes and small wooded areas of the yard as to cover as much of the area with the mist as possible and to push out the mosquitos away from the yard. Cedarwood oil is our insect repellant as opposed to the usual pesticide, this was used at the request of the homeowners since they wanted a product to be sprayed that was more environmentally friendly. To get even more coverage over the yard, some line was placed up the sides of some trees, gaining higher ground and thus allowing the mist to be able to cover the yard in its entirety. With the line buried under the ground, there is only the risers poking up from the ground to indicate any physical presence of the system being there when looking over the yard and even then they are hard to spot among the bushes and plants blending in well with the yard. Now the family can use the entirety of their yard without having mosquitos attacking them and driving them back indoors.