Justin Interview

Justin’s backyard is on Lake Apopka, resting against the edge of the swampy marshland that surrounds the lake. The patio area is towards the front of the yard and is surrounded by plants behind a stone back board that waterfalls flow over to create a peaceful ambience. The main part of the system is on the fence, blending into the background as to ensure no one pays much attention to the system. There are some risers in the bushes behind the pool to add another layer of defense against mosquitoes and other pests to the patio and there are some more risers around a firepit beyond the bushes. Another layer of defense was added out in the tall grass in the marsh area aiding in stifling the mosquito population before they get even closer to the main line of defense. All these layers of defense are here due to the mass breeding ground for mosquitoes that is the marsh, since the mosquito population is terrible on this lake front, so much so that many people stay indoors but with the system, Justin doesn’t have to stay indoors at those times and can continue to enjoy his outdoor space.