Residential Systems

Mist & More Residential Systems

As the pioneers of misting systems in Central Florida and beyond, with mist experience since 2003 in installations and continued maintenance, we are the experts in how to install the right system for your home. With a proper installation from Mist and More, you can enjoy your yard without the nuisance of pests and blistering heat.  Whether it is a cozy courtyard or a large estate that you would like to hang out and enjoy the great outdoors; Mist and More will help you to Fite the Bite and Beat the Heat. 

Our systems help you and your guests get the most enjoyment out of your home.


Mosquito Misting


Learn about how we can help you Fite the Bite and Spray-Away Spiders with modern pest control solutions.

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Mosquito Mist Solutions

Cool Misting

out cool

Learn about how we can help you Beat the Heat by lowering the ambient air by up to 20 degrees without getting wet with a cool misting solution.

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Cool Mist Solutions

With Mosquito Misting, Mist Walls, Mist Fans, MistScapes and Pool Fog we can enhance your sitting and landscaped areas: creating a beautiful and natural oasis from the heat that You and your guests will forever enjoy. Fragrance options are available to compliment the Mist Cooling with fresh desirable scents.


Cozy spaces benefiting from a Mist & More system

Chris & Krista

Have a mosquito system with 10 nozzles that keep their Townhouse Courtyard, spider and mosquito free for their family enjoyment.

More customers benefiting from Mist & More systems

Fran & John

Moved down to Montverde from Georgia and wanted to make sure they could enjoy retirement and their grand-children playing in the pool. Mist & More helps them enjoy their space bug free!

Large Estate customers benefiting from Mist & More systems

Ray & Robin

Have over 300 mosquito nozzles in their yard between 3 systems along with a Cooling System for the Outdoor Grill and a Pool Fog system for the slide with water FX.

Other benefits from having a Mist & More system

Spider & Midge elimination

Some homes that are lakefront, can have very high populations of midges and blind mosquitoes that bloom and swarm several times per year. These can not only be a big nuissance during a swarm, but they can make the home look dirty when there are lots of spiders which are attracted to the food source.

A Mist & More Mosquito system can prevent this from happening and keep your home and yard bug free!

Dock installations

Installing a Mist & More system on your dock using a non-pesticide solution helps to keep bugs and spiders off your dock; which in turn keeps the birds off your dock.