Steve Interview

Steve’s backyard goes all the way down to the lake behind the house, a patio with a pool overlooks the grass and the yard is surrounded by a fence. The main focus being on the lake is keeping the mosquitoes away from the main area of the backyard, that being the patio in this case. Steve wanted the system to be barely noticeable as well, which was accomplished with the black line on the black metal face and the tan line on the stone wall along the far side of the property. The system is only really noticeable at a distance when it is spraying mist from the nozzles, otherwise everything is very well hidden, blending in to the fencing and the wall, easy to overlook while enjoying the space. With the fencing away from the patio area, the mosquitoes are easily kept away from anyone within the yard even during the hot months of the year despite being so close to the water.